How to use this blog

How to use this blog

 In this blog you will find a series of recipes that I have categorized according to how they are typically used in a meal: appetizers, pastas, salads, desserts, etc.
Feel free to scramble them around in your menu, use them in a less traditional order and play with them according to your taste. They are not sculpted in stone and, after all, cooking is not about being meticulous and measuring every single ingredient to the last atom but it’s about being satisfied with the appearance and taste of your culinary efforts.

You will notice that I’ve introduced an unusual category called “Indulgence”.
I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to stray from strict diets. So, once in a while, I must make a richer dish, typically on a special occasion or during the weekend, when I have more time to cook and to entertain. I might or might not eat it, but it allows me to challenge my culinary skills with more complex recipes that make my family and friends happy. Moreover, a little guilt helps me (and probably you as well) to go back to my regular diet, while looking forward to the next gastronomic escapade.

My portions tend to be small because I believe in moderation. If you have guests or want leftovers, simply increase the dosages, keeping in mind that you must maintain the same proportions.

Some of my recipes vary only in a few ingredients because I also believe in the importance of variety. Moreover, I cook according to the seasons, which means that, even though certain ingredients might be available year round, when they are not at their peak I prefer to substitute them with others that are in season.  Accordingly, each recipe is marked with a symbol that indicates when I recommend preparing it.

I also suggest complete menus or simply parings of two different recipes. This might help you develop a sense of combining the right dishes together, so that the taste of one recipe blends with another or helps enhancing its flavor.

You will find small articles on topics that I consider noteworthy. I try to be as accurate and updated as possible, but I make mistakes and you might disagree with my opinions. Suggestions and amendments are very welcome by writing at

You can write at the same address to ask for clarifications and instructions. I’ll be happy to help.

I’ve included a conversion table for those of you who might be used to the metric system, and a list of my favorite ingredients, kitchen tools and small appliances. Check them once in a while because I keep updating them.